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About Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services

The Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations encompass all employees in the position of possibly causing harm to the general public by being impaired with alcohol or drugs.  The DOT regulations specify:

(a)  As an employee, when you have violated DOT drug and alcohol regulations, you cannot again perform any DOTsafety-sensitive duties for any employer until and unless you complete the SAP evaluation, referral, and education/treatment process set forth in this subpart and in applicable DOT agency regulations. The first step in this process is a SAP evaluation. (b)  For purposes of this subpart, a verified positive DOT drug test result, a DOT alcohol test with a result indicating an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater, a refusal to test (including by adulterating or substituting a urine specimen) or any other violation of the prohibition on the use of alcohol or drugs under a DOT agency regulation constitutes a DOT drug and alcohol regulation violation.  

 SAP services include

  • Initial Evaluation - an in-depth psycho-social, history, clinical assessment, and treatment recommendations
  • Referral - referrals are made based on the initial evaluation, and take into account the severity of need, work schedule, location, cost, and the safety of both the employee, employer, and the general public
  • Monitoring - employees are followed through treatment and in conjunction with the treatment provider to confirm compliance.  Progress is reported to the employer as required
  • Follow Up evalution - a follow up meeting to determine if the SAP recommendations have been complied with.  Follow up testing and an aftercare plan may also be determined at this point

SAP rates

  • The above SAP services are included in the rate of $750.00 which is payable at the initial evaluation
  • In rare cases of extreme need, a reduced fee may be offerered





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